Brand Concept

Story of Lâchement

Paris is my Mecca, where fabulous people live. The air in this town is filled with history and keeps evolving slowly while it’s embracing new trends.
A mademoiselle will surely become a madam in a town filled with this air.
We want to create unique clothing for those mademoiselle to wear in various scenes, hoping our clothing will become their relaxed daily style.

Play to Elegance

Trench coats, Solid colors, Boarders, Cut and sewn, Denim. For grown women who can rock the basic items, but wear it like their own.
For grown women who don’t want just simple style wearing basic items. Add feminine elegance to their mannish style. Add “now”, but realized and stylish.
We want to make clothing that these women can enjoy. Sophisticated styling with touch of “now”! This is our vision.